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How To Choose IPTV Encoder

Jul 27, 2019

There are kinds of Encoders in the market with description of IPTV Encoder,but you may not sure what are the difference and how to make best choice for your projects,here as below are some tips for your information.

Firstly,the concept of an encoder is to convert video signal such as HDMI/HD-SDI/AV to IP or ASI signal.With the video encoding formate MPEG-2 or H.264 or H.265,the video is processed encoding&compression.Nowadays,most applications are required IP streams for transmission.

See below details.


 1.Confirm if your application is in LAN or public network.

     Usually for LAN IPTV, the IP out protocol required is UDP.

     While for public network,it can be other protocols like RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/HLS,etc.


  2.Confirm the video encoding format.

       MPEG-2/H.264/H.265 for option,as the technology develops, the video encoding becomes more and more efficient, H.265 saves the bandwidth the most.

  3. Confirm your video source signal.

      HDMI/AV/HD-SDI are the common video source signal that an encoder can takes in.

  4. Company brand/ Encoding chip brand.

      For hardware encoder, the encoding chip's capacity usually decides the video quality and the bandwidth that one channel will take.So choosing an encoder with good&stable encoding chip makes sure you will use it for longer time and less maintain fee.


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