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IP QAM Modulator With 4 CAS And LCN Supported IPM6000C

Nov 24, 2018

IPM6000C IP QAM Modulator is an ideal solution for environments where you have a large number of displays over any distance such as small and medium scale of Digital TV broadcasting System, Hotel, stadiums, Campus, entertainment facilities, Education Markets in limited budget. It is designed especially for large channel density Distribution Video Engineering project where rapid deployment, compatibility IP source inputs and Multi-Modulated Carrier RF outputs (as like ISDB-T for Brazil and Japan or ATSC for United States and Korea or Europe/Asia/Africa DVB-T and DVB-C and DTMB standard) Simultaneously.


IPM6000 Equipped with two IP in/out data ports reception or streaming of MPEG compliant transport streams over UDP/RTP. Each port operates independently and can be configured as either IP in and IP out supporting full 840 Mbit/s TS data rate and up to 1024 MPEG services. The full content of an input port can be mapped transparently and Multiplex to an output modulated Carrier Channel with option to perform PID filtering or service filtering. The module can be provided with either RJ45 connectors or SFP connectors on the two data ports.


This IP QAM Modulator enhance Modulated Channel resource utilization and is with highest cost performance in low budget. It can be applied in Distribute IP source to All TVs Over Existing TV Coax solution, Advertising, monitoring, training and educating,and upgrade all your analog Head-ends to digital TV Solution,Enterprise, Hotel, campus, hospital, Public Place,Works with Digital TV transmitter in wireless TV broadcasting,Low cost Digital TV distribution.


Following are the principle chart for better understanding:



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