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IRD1340M The 4 RF To IP IRD With 4 CI Slots

Mar 16, 2021

Dibsys New 4 CI IRD: IRD1340M_4 RF to TS De-scramber&Multiplexing IP with 4 CI Slots

Following more information to you:

* 4 Tuners (DVB-C, T/(T), ISDB-T, S/S2/S2X Optional) inputs

* 1x ASI input, 1x IP(UDP) input

* IP (1*MPTS & 8*SPTS) over UDP and RTP/RTSP output; ASI out

* 4 CI interfaces which comply with EN50221 standard to support Multiple programs from Tuners/ASI/IP can be decrypted via 1 CAM 

* BISS-1 and BISS-E function supported

Welcome to contact us to get more information. If you need more SPTS&MPTS output, select old module IRD1340S directly.

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