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Low Cost Solution For Multi-channel HDMI To ISDB-T/ATSC Modulator

Aug 16, 2019

More and more customers are looking for lower cost solution to convert HDMI video signal to RF signal 

with ISDB-T or ATSC standard for hotel projects.

Here we'd like to bring DIBSYS economic solution for our customers.Instead of using HDMI to RF Modulator all in one device,using seperate encoder+modulator solution saves the total cost. See below 2 products.

  1. Model number: Q324

    24-channel H.264 HDMI to IP Encoder

  2. Model number: Q408M

    IP to 8*ISDB-T/ATSC Modulator

If you are interested in more product details,please feel free to contact us.

Bonnie Jia

Regional Sales Manager

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