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New Arrival Bi-direction ASI IP Multiplexer

Mar 30, 2020

DCM770, it is equipped with 4 bi-direction ASI and 3 bi-direction IP ports, the amount of ASI output should based on ASI input (ASI port can be used as input or output). The MPEG Processor is the intelligent headend processing equipment where the combination of compactness and flexibility leads to a cost-effective solution. Based on our experience, brings operational and economic benefits in MPEG processing applications.

DCM770 is an ideal solution, which can multiplex up to 4*ASI and 513*IP (SPTS/MPTS) input and output TS through ASI output port and 5*MPTS IP outputs. DCM770, 1RU platform, capable of processing a high number of MPEG video streams. It Supports advanced PSI and descriptor handling capabilities. PSI, SI tables can be regenerated and played out, changing dynamically according to input changes and configurations.

Key Features

max 4 ASI input/output through 4 bi-direction ASI ports (ASI direction can be defined as input or output manually)

513 IP in over UDP/RTP (256×2 IP in through GE1 and GE2, 1 IP in through Data port)

multiplexing of SPTS/MPTS into MPTS

all input programs output bypass

PID filtering, mapping and passthrough

High density, high quality, high performance, high flexibility

accurate PCR adjusting

PSI/SI rebuilding and editing

Huge buffer memory for saving the overflowing code stream

WEB Management

Reboot in Web-GUI

Easy-to-Use System Management

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