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New Arrival Professional DTMB Modulator

Aug 31, 2020

MOD6700 broadcast grade modulator has been designed to provide a cost effective solution for Asian network operators, as well as for system integrators facing this new efficient standard. The unit has two serial MPEG TS-ASI inputs, either of these inputs can be used to modulate the DTMB signal. With fully DTMB standard compliant (GB20600-2006), MOD6700 support 2*100M IP inputs, 2 channels of DTMB signal input, ASI loop out, and RS232 / 485 interface.

Designed to work in Multi Frequency Networks (MFN) and Single Frequency Network (SFN), it is extensively used in the setting up of DTMB digital broadcasting network, and production and test of set-top box. The operation of the MOD6700 is done via the front panel LCD display and controls. The modulator can be easily configured by navigating through a rather intuitive set of menus.


Fully complying with GB20600-2006 and GB / T 28436-2012 standard

2 ASI in, 2*IP in, 1 RF in, 10MHz reference clock and 1PPS in

Supports adaptive linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)

Supports adaptive non-linear digital pre-distortion (DPD )

MFN and SFN supported

Built in GPS module (optional), supporting 100m IP input, Loop out

Extensive transmitted signal quality measurements (MER, SNR, Spectrum, etc.)

RF output range: 50~860MHz with 0.1Hz step

Constant temperature crystal oscillating and excellent frequency stability (reach up to 0.1ppm)

Monitoring and alarm function

MLC and ALC control function

10MHz monitoring output, Lo monitoring output and RF monitoring output

No impulse on and off, better protection of transmitter

NMS, Keyboard and LCD operation

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