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New Arrival Two Independent Modules Design IPTV Gateway And Modulator

Jun 19, 2019

iMOD60 is a powerful, yet low power consumption, rack-mount IPTV Modulator Controller& Control Interface for 24/7 operation. Two independent modules design, one IPTV gateway module enables integrators and operators to select from various protocol to customise operation and on-going service, and the other modulator module which supports IP in and IP out and DVB-C/ DVB-T/ISDBT/ATSC RF out, and it can receive gateway source directly.

The platform can achieve the integration by receiving a variety of commercial streaming media services, and can provide streaming media services directly. Designed for the centralised control of protocol conversion function acts, used for the protocol conversion scenarios, streaming media distribution scenarios and CATV digital head-end.

Key Features

low power consumption, rack-mount design

Two independent modules, IPTV gateway module and IP modulator module

IP in (HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and HLS) to RF out in one device


Gateway Module

8 Data ports:

First Data port: IP out over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), HLS and RTMP

Data CH1~CH7 ports: IP in over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), RTP (SPTS), RTSP and HLS

IP out over HTTP, HLS and RTMP (Unicast)

Transmitting IP to modulator module through Data port

adding scrolling caption, welcome words, boot image and boot video (only applicable to IP out application)

Support downloading Dibsys IPTV APK directly from this device   


Modulator Module

IP input over UDP/RTP through Data/Data 1/2 port

IP output over UDP/RTP/RTSP through Data 1/2 port

Support 16*DVB-C/8*DVB-T/6*ISDBT/8 ATSC RF out

Receiving IP from gateway module directly through Data port


TS files uploading through Web management

IP anti- jitter function

Control the 2 modules separately via web-based NMS management

iMOD60 application

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