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Quarterly Promotion On Hot Selling Hd Encoder Modulator And Decoder

Oct 17, 2019

Good news, Quarterly promotion on hot selling hd encoder modulator and decoder, here are the products:

1.Magicbot -4G encoder  

2.IPM6000I -IP to ISDB-T Modulator  

3.E37 -16 channels Full HD HDMI H.265 Encoder

4.Magicbox HD416Plus   -16 chanenls 1080p 60fps HDMI H.265 IPTV Encoder

5.Q312M  -12 channels HDMI H.264 Encoder Modulator (Option ISDB-T DVB-T ATSC DVB-C DTMB)

6.Q112M  -12 FTA tuner to RF TransModulator (Option ISDB-T DVB-T ATSC DVB-C DTMB)

7.IRD1511C -Single Channel H.265 4K Decoder

8.IPQ6260 -high density 32 48 Edge QAM modulator

9.Anystream400 -25 channels H.265 IPTV Transcoder

10.Hotel IPTV Solution  

11.IRD1218Plus -Premium High Speed IP Satellite Demodulator with  8x DVBS2 RF inputs

Quarterly promotionon hot selling hd encoder modulator and decoder

Please feel free to contact us for more details and the instruction of installing demo.

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