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SD Encoder Modulator

Jul 27, 2016

DIBSYS EMI3084 is a new generation and highly integrated SD encoder and QAM transmodulator combining MPEG-2 SD encoding, QAM RF reception, transport stream processing and QAM modulation in a 1RU chassis. It’s ideal for broadcasters, cable network operators and media providers looking to reduce equipment costs and lower total power consumption for both digital

television service contribution and distribution.


EMI3084 features versatile functions, high density and superior performance, provides up to eight channels of MEPG-2 standard definition (SD) encoding, QAM RF demodulation, ASI-based transport stream input, transport stream multiplexing/re-multiplexing/pass-through, PSI/SI processing, two QAM modulation outputs. All of these feeds incoming from local analog

PAL/NTSC video&Audio media sources, local ASI transport streams and remote QAM RF signals could be processing into two desirable transport streams and finally distribute to cable network after QAM modulation.

As a comprehensive contribution and distribution equipment, the Web browser and SNMP management are also be introduced for local and remote monitoring and control, this can significantly reduce management time and save operating expense.


  • Up to eight channels of MPEG-2 SD video and MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio encoding

  • High picture quality in ultra low bit rate to reduce network overheads or costs

  • Support encoding rate range from 1Mbps to 7Mbps

  • Support input channel coding multiplexing simultaneously to two QAM Channels output

  • Support VBR/CBR video encoding

  • Transport stream multiplexing, remultiplexing sand pass through via ASI, DVB-C RF input

  • Support PID filtering, pass-through, PCR auto-correction

  • PAT, PMT and SDT insertion

  • Up to Dual QAM adjacent-channel outputs

  • Wide range of modulation output bitrate from 15.5Mbps to 51.6Mbps per QAM channel

  • QAM constellation: 16/32/64/128/256QAM

  • ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C compliant, 6MHz or 8MHz bandwidth

  • Self-adaptive filter circuit design ensures outstanding out-of-band rejection

  • Web browser GUI and SNMP management for local and remote management

  • Local and remote firmware upgrades

  • Low power consumption, Tilted more than 45 degrees of intelligence to turn it off

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