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TOP FIVE EVENTS: ATSC Technology In 2019

Dec 25, 2019

ATSC Technology widely uesd in USA and Korea, here we looks back at five memorable moments of 2019:

LEADERSHIP TRANSITION: New ATSC President Madeleine Noland (formerly of LG and previously Technology Group chair) succeeded long-time ATSC leader Mark Richer in May. The ATSC Next Gen TV Conference included a warm welcome for Noland and a light hearted bronzed rubber chicken award send off for Richer, who also received the ATSC Industry Leadership Medal, which will be named for him going forward.


2019 NAB SHOW: ATSC sponsored the “Road to ATSC 3.0” presentation stage and demonstration area at the April NAB Show in the North Hall. In addition to robust programming onstage, including FCC Commissioners and broadcast executives, the exhibit was the focal point for ATSC 3.0 participants and other interested parties and included compelling demos highlighting numerous ATSC 3.0 features. ATSC also had its first-ever booth presence at the NAB Show New York in October.

ADOPTION OF A/300:2019: ATSC members approved this important document that brings it all together; this umbrella standard approved in September normatively references a specific version of each of the standards that comprise the full suite, providing stability to implementing the standard while not impeding future improvements.

NEXTGEN TV LOGO: The NEXTGEN TV consumer-facing logo for ATSC 3.0-enabled products and services was announced in September by the Consumer Technology Association along with an underlying conformance test program for logo use certification. Supported by consumer research, the logo was developed with ATSC and broadcasters.

INTEROPS: Numerous ATSC 3.0 Interoperability Events were held, including in Santa Barbara in February and June, Cleveland in September, and Phoenix in November. These industry events were held with the goal of proving out commercial and consumer equipment in the ATSC 3.0 end-to-end system in anticipation of service and product launches in 2020 and beyond.

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