Professional HD IRD And Decoder IRD1311B

◆ 2 RF tuners/ASI/IP to IP/ASI/CVBS/YPbPr/HD/SDI output
◆ HD/SDI output max 1080P@60( default version is 1080I)
◆ PID filtering and IGMP V2/V3 supported
◆ 4 CAM CI slot and BISS support
◆ AC3 audio decoding and CC

Product Details


Professional HD IRD And Decoder

    IRD1311B  Dual audioDVB-S2 HD IRD and ATSC/DVB-C/DVB-T Decoder is a professional integrated demodulation, de-scrambler, re-mux and decoding in one case, which supports the transmission standard DVB-S2/S, ASI,TSoIP or IPTV and decode to CVBS/YPbPr/HD/SDI with Dual audio decoding together. Every module has 2 CI - slots for decryption of programes and does also enhance professional CI-Modules. After decryption and decoding of the signals, the transmission via the ethernet 100 baseT- interface in IP-based networks starts, with support of Uni- or Multicast protocol. This product enables to generate 8 Multicast channels at the same time. The user has the choice to if he prefers to transmit the programmes as single program transport stream (SPTS) or as multiple program transport stream (MPTS). The needed information to recover the encoded TV programes are already integrated in the SPTS.

    1-RU case of this professionalDVB-S2 HD IRD  integrated receiver decoder supports 2 tuner inputs to receive signal from DVB-S2 satellite, digital TV cable or terrestrial (DVB-T decoder, ATSC decoder) devices. The two CAMs/CIs accompanied and BISS modules can descramble the programs input from encrypted RF, ASI and IP of decoder for encrypted channels. 
    Pluggable structure design of this professional DVB-S2 HD IRD significantly facilitates the change of modules (demodulator and decoder) as needed. Our professional HD integrated receiver decoder is also equipped with ASI and IP input for re-mux, and output with 2 ASI ports and 1 IP port.


◆2 DVB-C/T/S/S2/ATSC-T Tuner inputs optional

◆1 ASI & 1 IP (UDP) input for re-mux

◆Demodulation + descrambler +re-mux+decoder modules in one box

◆One CAM can decrypt multiple programs from Tuners/ASI/IP

◆Support BISS descrambling (Up to 120Mbps)

◆Support MPEG2 and MPEG4 AVC/H.264 decoding

◆Dual channel stereo audio output, or one channel Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus (5.1) channel output (for HD/SDI out)

◆Support Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus Decoding and passthrough

◆IP (1 MPTS & 8 SPTS) over UDP and RTP/RTSP output; ASI out

◆Support CC, Subtitle and Teletext

◆Support maximum 128 PID mapping per input

◆Pluggable and changeable demodulator and decoder modules

◆LCD display, Remote control and Firmware, web NMS management

◆Updates via web

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