IRD1208 RF tuners to IP with spts mpts CVBS decoder

◆ SD channels point to point transmission application
◆ 2 DVB-S/S2/IP/ASI simultaneously in to 8 CVBS out
◆ output max 576, and audio decoding with MPEG1-l2
◆ audio gain and Mute function

Product Details


IRD1208 provides a best-of-class standard definition Decoder platform for Cable and Analog TV operators. It is a high density digital TV Head end for Distribution of IP and DVB-ASI network or Directly collecting FTA Satellite Signals. It converts to PAL and NTSC analog 8*Composite out and Unbalance RCA or balance XLR audio ports 8 stereo pairs of audio out in MPEG-2 H.264/AVC video decoding.

IRD1208 is an idea solution, here is 3 typical applications:

--- Digital Cable TV and Analog CATV transmission in same network. It converts IP and ASI of existing digital TV headend devices and collect the DVB-S2 FTA digital to Analog signals and then connect next equipment as like analog TV modulator.

--- Replacement of broadcast MPEG-2/H.264 SD transcoder, when existing H.264 encoding headend solutions already deployed. It will help to save cost in only MPEG-2 set top box, and collect Streams of 16* UDP/IP to CVBS and R/L audio, and then connect with next equipment as like MPEG-2 encoder.

---Used in fever level audio applications, like FM/TV Studio station, it needs long distance audio and video transmission, IRD1208 converts received audio and video signals to Composite (CVBS) and balanced XLR audio out, then transmit and launch.

IRD1208 supports Web browser for local and remote managemen


◆ 2xFTA DVB-S/S2 RF, 1xDVB-ASI, 1xGbE IP per 1RU chassis

◆ High density, high quality, high performance, high flexibility

◆ 16* UDP/RTP IP inputs

◆ Seletable 8 pairs of composite and R/L analog audio out or 9 pairs of Composite and XLR analog out

◆Up to 16Channel UDP/RTP IP inputs in GbE RJ45 port

◆ Feature to adjust the audio volume and Mute prior to decoding

◆ Support PAL and NTSC video standard and Audio Track output

◆ 5 years Warranty

◆ Reboot in Web-GUI

◆ Multiple protective mechanisms such as power failure memory recovery, over-voltage, over-load, short-circuit protection

◆ Real time monitoring audio, video, PSI/SI and bitrate size of the input source

◆ Received signal strength(dBuv), C/N(dB) real time monitoring

◆ Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

◆ Support Get Brownser UTC Time and Selectable Time Zone

◆ Easy-to-Use System Management via Web/LCD Panel


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