DB-CMTS8300 Three-in-one DOCSIS3.0/2.0 Chassis CMTS

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Three-in-one DOCSIS3.0/2.0 Chassis CMTSThree-in-one DOCSIS3.0/2.0 Chassis CMTSThree-in-one DOCSIS3.0/2.0 Chassis CMTS

    The is a three-in-one CMTS products containing optical receiver module,ONU module and the C-DOCSIS module. It is deployed at the optical nodes for the integrated solutions. The C-DOCSIS module is strictly according to its standard. With a high degree of standardization, it effectively fulfills the requirements of the existing and future C-DOCSIS technical standards. The optical receiver module and the ONU module adopt matured ones and go for commercial use stably and reliably over five Years. The three-in-one modules are mutually independent and field replaceable .And the maintenance is also very convenient. The product provides 16 QAM downstream channels, bandwidth to 800Mbps; 4 upstream QAM channels , bandwidth to 160Mbps, fulfilling the broadband accessing of 960Mbps. It can support 511 Cable Modems online simultaneously, fully compatible with the DOCSIS2.0, 3.0 Cable Modem.

MiniCMTS 8 advantages:

1.High standardized MiniCMTS series product fully compatible of DOCSIS standard, also can compatible with DOCSIS2.0/DOCSIS3.0 CableModem.

2.High bandwidth Highest to support 4 upstream QAM channels, bandwidth to 160Mbps; 16 downstream QAM channels, bandwidth to 800Mbps, bandwidth to 960Mbps.

3.High Qos guarantee DOCSIS can offer the high request of Qos quarantee, depend to fulfill the business of Voicing Qos request.

4.Support IPQAM function Through the configuration, 16 downstream channels of DB-CMTS can be configurated to 8 downstream channels used in data business which can be used to IPQAM VOD. As this time, the downstream bandwidth of DB-CMTS8100 is 400Mbps, used in IPQAM VOD bandwidth is up to 400Mbps. Meet the large scale of VOD , especially the HD VOD.

5. Achieve OLT and MTCS unified management. It is no need setting for installation and replacement. The eqiupment can auto complete configuration process when power up.

6. 3 in1 product,integrated solution. To meet the individual needs of customers optional built-in optical receiver module, ONU module, IPQAM module.Realize optical node integrated ytpe solution

7. Perfect web management. B/S frame,graphical interfaces,fault alarm,convenient operation and maintenance.

8. Low cost: The transforming cost is almost 30%- 50% than big CMTS, equal to EPON+EOC.


◆C-DOCSIS module, optical receiver module and ONU module three-in-one product,

intergrated solution deployed in optical node.

◆Optical receiver adopt liner design, easy to do on-site replacement

◆Modules’ organic intergration,reduce the overall power

◆Outdoor IPV6 waterproof type design, work Temperature at -25℃~75℃

◆1 SFP interface or 1 1000M LAN business port

◆Support IPQAM module

◆4 channels output, maximum out level is 110dbuv

◆4 channels QAM upstream,16 channels QAM downstream.

◆Upsream frequency range:5-65Mhz, down stream frequency range:87~1000Mhz(Biggest difference of the 16 frequency points is less than192 Mh)


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